Voices Of The Rainforest

A Day in the Life of Bosavi

Produced and Directed by Steven Feld for Bosavi Peoples Fund
This 60 minute 4K documentary features:
-soundtrack in 7.1 cinema surround sound, composed, mixed and mastered at Skywalker Sound.
-visuals drawn from 50 year Bosavi archive of photographs, graphics, super 8, 16mm film, and contemporary HD video.

Watch the 17 minute preview HERE
Listen to the original 1991 Voices of the Rainforest CD

The 2.0 stereo educational edition of the film for tv, streaming, rental, and home DVD will be distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, der.org.

The 7.1 Blu-ray and 2nd edition audio CD will be published with a color photobook as a box set in fall 2019.